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Client Relationship Management

How to choose the right projects and clients

  • Ask questions about the project before beginning. Make sure the project is actually something you are interested in and want to do.
  • Evaluate the clients quirks and expectations. You deserve to enjoy the project! Don’t let desperation for work or $$ now create problems for you in the long run.
  • Read Client reviews. Consider how long they have been in business. Look at how much they have paid freelancers on other projects.
  • NEVER start working until you have an OFFER. If doing a fixed rate project, be sure funds are paid 25% or 50% upfront and that funds are in escrow.
  • Make sure the clients payments are methods has been verified and NEVER give out your social security number or fill out any kinds of payment info that a client claims they need.
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The future of web fonts

The next web design revolution will be typographic. But as Theme Revel discovers, all
is not plain sailing as we transition to real fonts.

The number of blogs increases daily, and web design currently favors type-led minimalism over-elaborate Flash-based interfaces – outside of websites for video games and movies, anyway. However, online typography remains a sore point with many designers, who are increasingly irked by restrictions. We’ve been limited to choosing fonts users already have installed, or embedding custom type by using images, which isn’t practical.

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What Makes a good website?

A well-conceived website is not only aesthetically pleasing but also works under the hood as well. Soul Media (www. is a Melbourne-based digital agency that has put together a striking and well-constructed site that demonstrates the traits of good design. The home page makes an immediate impact with a big, bold image and relays the company message without too many distractions. The main image is a background image that scales with the browser window, ensuring that it works with all screen sizes. The site is also ‘responsive’, which means that it responds to the size of a screen and restyles to fit. This ensures that a site will work for smartphones, tablets, and desktops. 

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Web design top tools of the trade

There are effectively three tools needed for the construction of a website. Knowledge of HTML and CSS, Code editor and a graphics editor. Sounds simple and in the essence it is, but finding the right tool that suits requirements and personality is important. The first, most important tool is an HTML editor, and there are hundreds of choices available, free and paid for ( see what is the best software). CSS is another text-based language and a text editor would suffice, but again a good knowledge of the language is needed. A good alternative is a CSS editor such as Rapid CSS ( or Notepad++ ( A graphics editor is crucial for any web designer and the popular choice is photoshop. This is a great package but expensive. The popular alternative is GIMP (

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How to add hierarchical select form fields in drupal 8

Hierarchical select fields are form fields with a list of values dependent on the selection of another field.


  • Both fields must use the widget “Select list” or “Checkboxes/radio buttons”;
  • The child field type must be “Entity reference”
  • A view with the display mode “Entity Reference” must exist and is configured to receive as the first argument the value of the parent field.
  • Business Rules Module
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BEST PRACTICES: Theme Selection Checklist


A very common newcomer mistake is to select a theme that looks “Ultra Cool” on first impressions – and then reverse engineer the complete site based on the theme – INSTEAD of the other way around.

Another extremely common rookie mistake is to ignore the non-functional requirements of your web application.

So how should you go about selecting your theme?

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How to speed up your apache server with mpm_event

Currently Apache supports three different Multi-Processing Modules (MPMs) that are responsible for opening a socket, processing the request, keeping the connection open for a certain period, handling new events occurring through that connection, and returning the content produced by a program made in a particular language (such as PHP, Perl, or Python).

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