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Dealing with brand chaos

Creating a powerful brand is a great way to build loyalty with customers. For Many companies brands are the single most valuable asset. But once you’ve created a brand, that’s where the challenges kicks in. And it can be areal headache if you don’t manage brands correctly. These challenges come from both inside your organization, as well as outside. for example, one of the most common problems marketing leaders have with brands is what I call brand chaos. It happens when new brands start popping up almost out of nowhere. And sadly, they have no consistent look of feel to your other brands. And then one day your flipping through your product catalog and you see a mix match of products and brands, that have nothing to do with each other. your brand architecture is in a state of anarchy. How does this happen? Well, Marketers love to create brands and they like creating ones that are distinctive and unique. Lets face it, they want to put their mark on something. So They get together with their design team and branding, they throw a lot of money creating they next big thing.

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How to avoid losing customer loyalty

A Company that retains a high percentage of its customers must be doing a lot of things right. That’s why retention rate is the best indicator of a company long-term viability. But keeping customers can be very challenging. To succeed, you need to understand how and why your customers buy your products. In marketing we do that by defining four types of purchasing styles. The first one is what we call brand laziness.

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How to avoid missing key trends

Marketing operates in a world of change and ambiguity. So you have to constantly monitor trends, to spot opportunities, and avoid problems. Now spending on your market, this could be one of your biggest challenges. you don’t want to be guilty of missing a key trend that puts your company out of business. Trends in your business happen in many areas. For example, consumer tastes can change. Campbell soup, for example, is looking at ways to change its legendary , long-standing chicken soup recipe because of perceived change in consumer tastes.

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How to deal with resistance to innovation

imagine your marketing team comes up with an idea for a great new product. You absolutely love it, but when you start shopping the idea around the building, you get some strange looks from people. They’re resisting, and you and your team are getting frustrated. Well guess what? Resistance no innovation is a natural phenomena in companies,  and it can become a huge challenge unless you manage  it correctly.  Why so people resist new ideas? well as you’ll see in a minute, there are lots of reasons, but first , lets understand that resistance is necessary.

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How do you grow revenue and profit?

Now i’m willing to gamble that each marketer out there would agree that their biggest challenge is how do you keep earnings and profits growing at your company. A Growing company typically sees its stock prices going up. That is why this challenge never goes away. So can be the magic formula? I possess some bad news, there isn’t one. So my recommendation is not hard. it’s time to get back to the basic principles. Let’s look at what which means. First, take a fresh look in your market conditions.

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Creating a strong marketing team

Perhaps the most important role of the marketing leader is creating a competent team, and for that reason alone, its one of the most challenging. It’s a constant fight for talent. You might have the best products and services in the market, but without a strong and talented marketing team behind them, you’ll start losing ground to the competition, so lets look at ways to win this battle, but before we start, let me share an insight. You read a lot in the media about the generational aspects of business, and the many differences between millennial’s, Gen X and baby boomers, but guess what? from my experience, the same things that excite millennial’s are the same things that excite baby boomers, so don’t get too caught up with the demographic shifts.

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How to create and protect email links

JavaScript can be used to inject an email address into the HTML page after the page has been loaded form a server. Since web crawlers do not process the JavaScript files to see their final result, this method is very effective for keeping your email safe in a web page. To explore this option, lets take a look at the JavaScript code below.

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How to overcome marketing pricing challenges


When I talk to business owners, the subject of pricing almost always comes up. They lose sleep wondering if their prices are too high or too low. Of the four P’s of marketing, Product, Price, Place, and Promotion, setting prices is the quickest, but that does not mean its the easiest. In fact, making a mistake here can be very costly in terms of lost revenue as well as sending the wrong signal to the market about your products and services.

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