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How to deal with resistance to innovation

imagine your marketing team comes up with an idea for a great new product. You absolutely love it, but when you start shopping the idea around the building, you get some strange looks from people. They’re resisting, and you and your team are getting frustrated. Well guess what? Resistance no innovation is a natural phenomena in companies,  and it can become a huge challenge unless you manage  it correctly.  Why so people resist new ideas? well as you’ll see in a minute, there are lots of reasons, but first , lets understand that resistance is necessary.

Thats right, its necessary and heres why. Innovation and resistance essentially helps define each other. After all,  somethings not really innovative unless it meets with at least some pushback. Think of resistance as gatekeeper. All adoption of new ideas starts with resistance,  so think of it as an important filter to get the best ideas. You as the marketer leader have two important roles to play. First you want to resist ideas form the very start.

When new ideas are brought to you its okay to question them, bring up challenges and so on. That will only make the idea stronger, but once you’re on board, you have to go pout and champion it, but be prepared to still meed resistance. People want to know what value it brings,  how risky it is, how compatible it sis with your current products and services. Also can the idea be tested, preferably in stages, and can we back out of it if need be? sometimes people resist ideas because they just don’t understand it.

Finally, is there flexibility to change the idea? How long will it take to realize the benefits, and will the idea have some unintended side effects on other projects? (((In the exercise files for this course, you’ll find a handy checklist snd definitions for all of these factors, ))) but people also resist ideas because of their personality and past experiences with innovation. If they had a bad experience with the last idea, they’re going to be more resistant to the next one.

Another trait that can affect now resistant they are is their own ability to generate highly creative ideas. The poorer they are at innovating, the less likely they’ll be open to new ideas. Resistance can also arise depending of who you are as the person selling the idea. If you’re seen as credible, and as someone who explains the idea clearly, you’ll meet with less resistance. Your job as a marketer leader is to understand the strongest sources of resistance, and to find ways to lower the effect.

Now don’t try to tackle every source, just the ones that matter, and that can be changed. If you do , you’ll find the next great idea winning in the marketplace.

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