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Web design top tools of the trade

There are effectively three tools needed for the construction of a website. Knowledge of HTML and CSS, Code editor and a graphics editor. Sounds simple and in the essence it is, but finding the right tool that suits requirements and personality is important. The first, most important tool is an HTML editor, and there are hundreds of choices available, free and paid for ( see what is the best software). CSS is another text-based language and a text editor would suffice, but again a good knowledge of the language is needed. A good alternative is a CSS editor such as Rapid CSS ( or Notepad++ ( A graphics editor is crucial for any web designer and the popular choice is photoshop. This is a great package but expensive. The popular alternative is GIMP (

Beyond software packages, there are some great in-browser tools. Firefox includes some great developer tools that help deconstruct a page. Add-ons such as Firebug ( extend the browser’s capabilities making the Mozilla browser the web designer’s choice.

There is an Aladdin’s cave of online tools that will help with every aspect of the web design process. pixlr ( is a suite of powerful creative applications, that includes an image editor, screen capture and vector editor.

CSS Click Chart ( is a great tool that creates code for the latest CSS3 specifications.

Initializr ( is a tool that helps create a basic HTML5 Template.

For those looking for color inspiration, Color wizard ( offers an intuitive tool for creating complementary color palettes.

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