Revel Storefront Extension


Enhance your storefront framework theme with new features and take your wooCommerce website to the next level. A truly multipurpose WordPress plugin with advanced niche customization options, full tight storefront integration, and unlimited number of usages.

Get 1 year of updates and support from the date of purchase.



Storefront Version: 2.5.1

Wordpress 5.2


All the tools you’ll need to define your style and customize your WooCommerce store.

Revel Storefront Extension is a storefront framework extention plugin that is flexible and offering deep integration with WooCommerce. Bulletproof, not only with WooCommerce core but with several WooCommerce extensions. Revel Storefront Extension is our intuitive plugin for storefront, customize it without touching the code. Express yourself, optimize conversions, delight customers.

Over 40 customization options.

*Remove coupon form on checkout page
*Enable social media buttons on product page
*Skip cart page, go straight to checkout page.
*Remove sidebar on single product page.
*Rename buttons text ( add to cart, Variable, grouped, external/affiliate).
*Customize login page logo and links.
*Rename front page titles ( Best sellers, on sale, fan favorite, we recommend, new in, categories)
*Add or remove front page product columns.
*Add additional panels to front page
*Remove single blog post nav
*Remove breadcrumbs from header
*Remove cart in the header
*Remove main menu
*Remove search form in header
*Rename product page tabs ( description, review tab, additional)
*Remove related products
*Remove sidebar on shop catalog page
*Remove price form ( archive, shop catalog pages )
*Remove price from single product page
*Remove (add to cart, etc.) button from archive pages.
*Remove ( add to cart, etc.) button from single product page
*Change copyright text in footer
*Add analytics script
*Remove default sorting on shop catalog
*FontAwesome integration
*Top bar Call to action
*Footer bar Call to action
*product page extra content block
*Change colors ( links, text, backgrounds)
*Add social media links in top menu or in footer
*Remove meta tags ( Category, Tags ) on single product page
*Rename product price to FREE if price is 0.00
*Customize Text on Receipt (Order received) page


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