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Zazzle Store Builder is the Zazzle publishing tool that lets you pull Zazzle content onto your website. Display your Zazzle gallery on your commercial site, mix products from your Zazzle gallery with your other products, or collect zazzle com Associate fees when customers buy Zazzle products from other galleries on your site.

Get 1 year of updates and support from date of purchase.


WordPress 5.0.3

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To succeed as a seller on Zazzle, promotion is key! We have created a number of useful and powerful tools to help you increase sales and referrals.

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Boost your sales with this premium Zazzle store builder. This WordPress plugin is designed to increase traffic to your zazzle store. How does this work? by featuring your Zazzle products on your own personal website your Zazzle sales will naturally increase since your website is now indexed by Google you have a greater chance of getting more traffic to your zazzle t shirts which will result in more sales.

Zazzle Store Builder setup is simple: Just enter the shortcode examples provided, edit the configuration attributes to use your Contributor ID and Associate ID, and you are all set.  You can also create a sophisticated custom website with your Zazzle products or integrate your products into any page, post or sidebar in your existing WordPress site.

Installation information is in the settings page of the plugin, included in this distribution.

With more than 26 USER CONFIGURABLE VARIABLES You can now display products from almost any Zazzle gallery, selected by keyword search or product type.

  • Associate ID – Your associate referral id. Insert your referral id into all product links in the feed so you can earn referrals on any sales that come in through zazzle affiliate program.
  • Show How Many – This is how many results you want returned per page.
  • Contributors Handle – Enter your contributor name to feature products from your gallery exclusively to pull a feed from the Zazzle Marketplace.
  • Product Line Id – Zazzle store category. Some Zazzle stores are organized by categories that the store owner creates. You can pull products from a specific category of a store.
  • Tracking code –  Adds a tracking code to your products so you can tell where (which feed) your sales are coming from. Tracking codes can be up to 100 alphanumeric characters  in length (e.g. MyBlog)
  • New Window – Open links in a new window.
  • Show pagination  – Controls (true or false). These are the page numbers, <—Prev, and Next —> used to move around in a gallery or Zazzle Store.
  • Show sorting – controls (true or false). If true, controls are displayed allowing buyers to sort products by Recent (date created) or Popular (number sold).
    If false, no sort controls are displayed and products are displayed according to the value of defaultSort.
  • Show shorting  – Show sorting controls (true or false). If true, controls are displayed allowing buyers to sort products by Recent (date created) or Popular (number sold).
  • Product Description – Show product description beneath the product image (true or false).
    Note: the description appears beneath the title if the title is enabled.
  • Show by Line – Show creator “by” line. True or false.
  • Show product price – If false, no price is displayed for products in your Zazzle Store.
  • Show product title – True or false.
  • Grid cell size – The size you want each product image – choices: tiny, small, medium, large or huge.
  • Default sort – How should we be sorting by default? options are ‘date_created’ or ‘popularity’ for sort by popularity.
  • Grid Cell Spacing –  Increase or decrease the spacing between each product on the page.
  • Grid background color – Background color of grid images in HEX (without the #, for example, “FFFFFF” for white)
  • Start Page – Change just the number in quotes. The page of your gallery products you want to be the first displayed in your Zazzle Store


Support if available via our support forum.

2 reviews for Zazzle Store Builder – Zazzle affiliate plugin for WordPress

  1. mason

    awesome zazzle plugin, although everything works as expected, how do I add and display products form multiple categories?

    • brody

      For any support questions I need you to submit the question in the support forum. to answer your question, You will need to categorize your products in categories on and then use the (Product Line Id) short code do display that category.

  2. Kayte

    The plugin is working now at Now he just needs to clean up duplicates and outdated products.

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