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Ispconfig: add more applications to shell user Jailkit chroot

Jailkit for Debian Stretch (add PHP, Drush, Composer, NodeJS, NPM, Ruby, Gem, Compass)

The jail gets created when you add the first ssh user or jailed cronjob to a new website.

A website can only be under one jail; shell users are assigned to a website, and you can add multiple shell users under one sites (so all users would have the same commands in their jail environment). If you add a second website under Sites > Websites > Add new Website, that will get a separate jail environment.

If you followed (The Perfect Server – Debian 9 ) in ispconfig documentation you should have php already installed.

Installing Drush:

sudo apt-get install drush 

Install Composer

sudo apt-get install composer

Install Node.js and NPM

sudo apt install nodejs

Install Ruby and Gem

sudo apt install ruby-full

Install Compass

sudo gem install compass

After you have installed the required libraries we need to update the commands in the jailkit init file.

sudo nano /etc/jailkit/jk_init.ini

Add the following lines at the end if they don’t already exist.

comment = the php interpreter and libraries
executables = /usr/bin/php,/usr/bin/php5.6,/usr/bin/php7.0,/usr/bin/php7.1
directories = /usr/lib/php, /usr/share/php, /usr/share/php5, /etc/php, /usr/share/php-geshi, /usr/share/zoneinfo, /etc/snmp, /usr/share/snmp
includesections = env

comment = environment variables
executables = /usr/bin/env

comment = mysql client
executables = /usr/bin/mysql, /usr/bin/mysqldump
paths = /usr/lib/

comment = drush (drupal command line)
executables = /usr/local/bin/drush
includesections = php, mysql-client, uidbasics, netbasics
directories = /etc/ssl/certs, /usr/share/ca-certificates

comment = composer
executables = /usr/local/bin/composer
includesections = php, uidbasics, netbasics

comment = NodeJS
executables = /usr/bin/npm, /usr/bin/node, /usr/bin/nodejs
directories = /usr/lib/node_modules

comment = Ruby
executable = /usr/bin/ruby, /usr/bin/gem, /usr/bin/gem2.3
directories = /usr/lib/ruby, /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ruby, /var/lib/gems, /usr/share/rubygems-integration

comment = Compass
executables = /usr/bin/compass
includesections = ruby
directories = /usr/share/compass

For the final step, update the system -> server config with ( php drush composer node ruby compass )

Now go add a new ssh user and try it out.

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