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What Makes a good website?

A well-conceived website is not only aesthetically pleasing but also works under the hood as well. Soul Media (www. is a Melbourne-based digital agency that has put together a striking and well-constructed site that demonstrates the traits of good design. The home page makes an immediate impact with a big, bold image and relays the company message without too many distractions. The main image is a background image that scales with the browser window, ensuring that it works with all screen sizes. The site is also ‘responsive’, which means that it responds to the size of a screen and restyles to fit. This ensures that a site will work for smartphones, tablets, and desktops. 

The site itself uses the popular one-page scrolling design. This negates the need to link to other pages and wait for them to load.

“A responsive site responds to the size of a screen and restyles to fit” 

It is simply a matter of scrolling down the page or using the fixed-position menu to jump, in an elegant manner, to the requested section. The fixed nature of the navigation system means that it is always visible and ready to use.
Alongside the HTML there is a good use of. web fonts and CSS3·techniques – text shadows and box shadows are all here in abundance. 

Soul Media is a great example of web design working in harmony for a great visual experience 

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